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التعريف عن النفس في الانجليزي

التعريف عن النفس في الانجليزي


صورة التعريف عن النفس في الانجليزي


here are some notes that you can talk about and you can add on them
but try to remember that in the interview in general they just want to make sure that you can speak english good
therefore do don hesitate to speak about anything in your mind
to prove to them that your english language is good , and this is the important thing for them

, in my opinion, it is better to speak 10 minutes with 10 mistakes
than to speak 4 minutes with 4 mistakes
also try to use academic words as much as you can

Good morning
my name is
my old is old
I am from …. city
I have BA in the subject of……. from ….. university
I hope to complete my study with MA in educational subject
and I think here is the best place to study because
of the good reputation for this university in general
and this college in special

my hobbies in general are traveling, reading, >>>> etc

finally, I hope that i will have the chance to study here and to be one of your students in the future

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التعريف عن النفس في الانجليزي