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روايات رومانسية مترجمة

روايات رومانسية مترجمه
This is a love story that u will never forget…
He met her on a party.

She was so outstanding,

many guys chasing after her

while he was so normal,

nobody paid attention to him.

At the end of the

he invited her to have coffee with him,

she was surprised,

due to
being polite,

she promised.
They sat in a nice coffee shop,

he was too nervous to say anything,


she thought,


let me go home..

suddenly he asked

“would you please give me some salt I’d like to put it in my
Everybody stared at him,

so strange

His face turned red,


he put
the salt in his coffee and drank it.

She asked him curiously:

why you
this hobby?
He replied:

“when I was a little boy,

I was living near the sea,
I liked playing in the sea,

I could feel the taste of the sea ,

the taste of the salty coffee.

Now every time I have the salty coffee,
always think of my childhood,

think of my hometown,

I miss my hometown

I miss my parents who are still living there”.

While saying that
tears filled his eyes.

She was deeply touched.
That’s his true feeling,

from the bottom of his heart.

A man who can
out his homesickness,

he must be a man who loves home,

cares about

responsibility of home..

Then she also started to speak,

spoke about
faraway hometown,

her childhood,

her family.

That was a really nice
also a beautiful beginning of their story.
They continued to date.

She found that actually he was a man who meets
her demands; he had tolerance,

was kind hearted,



He was
a good person but she almost missed him

Thanks to his salty coffee!
the story was just like every beautiful love story,

the princess
married to
the prince,

then they were living the happy life… And,

every time she
coffee for him,

she put some salt in the coffee,

as she knew that’s the
he liked it.
After 40 years,

he passed away,

left her a letter which said:

please forgive me,

forgive my whole life lie.

This was the only lie I
to you—the salty coffee.

Remember the first time we dated I was so
nervous at that time,

actually I wanted some sugar,

but I said salt It
hard for me to change so I just went ahead.

I never thought that could
the start of our communication!
I tried to tell you the truth many times in my life,

but I was too
afraid to
do that,

as I have promised not to lie to you for anything..

Now I’m
I afraid of nothing so I tell you the truth:

I don’t like the salty
what a strange bad taste..

But I have had the salty coffee for my whole

Since I knew you,

I never feel sorry for anything I do for you.
you with me is my biggest happiness for my whole life.

If I can live
for the
second time,

still want to know you and have you for my whole life,
though I have to drink the salty coffee again”.
Her tears made the letter totally wet.

someone asked her:

what’s the taste of salty coffee?
It’s sweet.

She replied.
Pass this 2 everyone coz
love is not 2 forget
but 2 forgive
not 2 c but understand
not 2 hear but 2 listen
not 2 let go but HOLD ON

Love begins with a smile,

grows with a kiss and ends with a tear.
“The glory of Success is in bouncing high every time you
hit the bottom!!”
“Love is not selfish so Love is not being happy it is to make happy whom you love even if you are unhappy with it.”

هذه قصة حب لن تنساها ابدا
قابلها في حفله
كانت ملفته للانتباه .


كثير من الشبان كانوا يلاحقونها
كان شابا عاديا ولم يكن ملفتا للانتباه
في نهاية الحفله تقدم اليها وعزمها على فنجان قهوه
تفاجات هي بالطلب .


ولكن ادبها فرض عليها قبول الدعوه
جلسوا في مقهى للقهوه
كان مضطربا جدا ولم يستطع الحديث
هي بدورها شعرت بعدم الارتياح
وكانت على وشك الاستئذان
وفجاه اشار للجرسون قائلا

رجاءا … اريد بعض الملح لقهوتي

الكل نظر اليه باستغراب
واحمر وجهه خجلا ومع هذا وضع الملح في قهوته وشربها
سالته بفضول لماذا هذه لعاده

تقصد الملح على القهوه
رد عليها قائلا
عندما كنت فتى صغيرا ،

كنت اعيش بالقرب من البحر ،

كنت احب البحر واشعر بملوحته ،

تماما مثل القهوه المالحه ،

الان كل مره اشرب القهوه المالحه اتذكر طفولتي ،

بلدتي ،

واشتاق لابوي اللذين لا زالا عائشين هناك للان
حينما قال ذلك ملات عيناه الدموع ….

تاثر كثيرا
كان ذلك شعوره الحقيقي من صميم قلبه
الرجل الذي يستطيع البوح بشوقه لوطنه لابد ان يكون رجلا محبا له مهتم به ،

يشعر بالمسؤوليه تجاهه وتجاه اسرته
ثم بدات هي بالحديث عن طفولتها واهلها وكان حديثا ممتعا
استمروا في مقابله بعضهم بعضا
واكتشفت انه الرجل الذي تنطبق عليه المواصفات التي تريدها
كان ذكيا ،

طيب القلب ،

حنون ،

حريص ,


كان رجلا جيدا وكانت تشتاق الى رؤيته
والشكر طبعا لقهوته المالحه

القصة كاي قصة حب اخرى
الامير يتزوج الاميره
وعاشا حياة رائعه
وكانت كلما صنعت له قهوه وضعت فيها ملحا لانها كانت تدرك انه يحبها هكذا مالحه
بعد اربعين عاما توفاه الله
وترك لها رساله هذا نصها

عزيزتي ،

ارجوك سامحيني ،

سامحيني على كذبه حياتي ،

كانت الكذبه الوحيده التي كذبتها عليك ,


القهوه المالحه

اتذكرين اول لقاء بيننا

كنت مضطربا وقتها واردت طلب سكر لقهوتي ولكن نتيجة لاضطرابي طلبت ملحا

وخجلت من العدول عن كلامي فاستمريت ،

لم اكن اتوقع ان هذا سيكون بداية ارتباطنا سويا

اردت اخبارك بالحقيقة بعد هذه الحادثه
ولكني خفت ان اطلعك عليها

فقررت الا اكذب عليك ابدا مره اخرى
الان انا اموت ,


لذلك لست خائفا من اطلاعك على الحقيقه
انا لا احب القهوه المالحه

ياله من طعم غريب

لكني شربت القهوه المالحه طوال حياتي معك ولم اشعر بالاسف على شربي لها لان وجودي معك يطغى على اي شيء
لو ان لي حياة اخرى اعيشها لعشتها معك حتى لو اضطررت لشرب القهوه المالحه في هذه الحياة الثانية )
دموعها اغرقت الرساله
يوما ما سالها احدهم ما طعم القهوه المالحه

فاجابت انها حلوة


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