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موضوعغ الانجليزية 2019

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Speaking one of the parents ..
Fifty years ago pilgrimage with his father .. Accompanied by a convoy on the beauty ..

And when over the chaste .. Before reaching the injustice .. Wanted the father – the sight of God – that he had had enough ..

Vonzlh son of a camel .. And went to the father he needs ..

He told the son: “Go with the convoy will be attached to you and you ..

Ever, Jr. .. After a while I turned and found that the convoy was straying from his father being returned to his feet to carry his father on his shoulder .. Then they are being launched ..

Son says: and while he is down as well as I felt moisture on my face and I found it tears my father ..

I said to my father: and God that you are lighter on the shoulders of the feather

The father said: It is not for this I cried .. But in this place I took my father

To one of his parents alive ….. I take the opportunity!!

The benefits of honoring one’s parents:

Bralodin of the most beloved of deeds to God

The approval of God in the parental consent

Parents of people deserving of good treatment

Honoring one’s parents is better than jihad

If you are righteous, you are pilgrims and pilgrims, and Mujahid

Paradise is under the feet of mothers —

Honoring one’s parents to prolong life and expand livelihood

Of righteousness, and his parents have near the same from Paradise

Of righteousness, and righteousness, his parents Sons appropriate requital

Honoring one’s parents makes you open door of paradise

موضوعغ الانجليزية 2019