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موضوع انجليزي عن نفسي

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I’m ——————–. I was born on ——— and now I’m — years old .I live with my family in —————–. I have got three brothers and one sister and I’m the youngest.

In my free time I like to do a lots of things like: reading long stories, listening to peot, shopping , swimming , and playing computer games.

When I was in primary I was in Arab Gulf school then I moved to Riffa Intermediate school and now I’m in West Riffa secondary school. My favorite subjects are sport, Arabic and English..

friends we visit each other and have fun. I think the friend ship is the most beautiful thing in this life and I don’t thing that there is someone can live without it.

In the future I would like to be an effective woman in my society and others regardless of the area which I will effect on whether in education, health or other.At the end I would like to thank you and i hope you like our project

  • موضوع انجليزي عن نفسي
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موضوع انجليزي عن نفسي