يوم الأحد 4:17 مساءً 19 يناير 2020

تعبير عن الاب بالانجليزي

صورة تعبير عن الاب بالانجليزي

My role model in life is my father, I never seen a man like him in the whole universe, he have a strong opinions and decisions although he have a democracy way of thinking, he give us a wide space of freedom to make up our minds in the issues that we are concern about in our lives. he can be serious in serious things and warm affectionate all the time, he is so educated that we learn from him the important ethics and values that give us the push to keep going in life and stimulates us to give our best to the world, he demand to obey allah’s rules, my father is the sunshine of our lives and keeps us going.


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